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Beard perfections!

Beard perfections!

5 steps to perfect facial hair

Few things are as respectful as a well-dressed and handsome beard. But to get a nice and well-dressed beard, you need to know how to take care of it. In this article, we look at a few simple ways to get a perfect facial hair.

We men are generally bad at taking care of our faces. We are bad at taking care of the skin, nipping the eyebrows and making sure that we sleep properly. It does not only notice how we feel, how much stress we experience (and how much energy we store as body fat) - but also how we look in the face.

Previously, we've written how to get a more masculine face, how to exercise and eat to define your facial features so that you convey a strong confidence-giving first impression. We've also written tips on how to fix your facial hair by shaving yourself in a more thoughtful way. But this post is a little different. This time, it's about beard care.

When you are finished with this post, you will be knew on how to take care of your beard to make it look handsome and well-behaved - every day. But also how you make it feel good and grow well so you can take your face shoulder to the next level. Here are 5 steps to answering the beard grim - for perfect facial hair.

1. Brush after the shower

If you have straight and short beard, you may be standing on a simple comb. If you have more curly or longer beard, a brush is probably a better option. Whether you're using a brush or comb, the shower - or rather when you're done after the shower - is the optimum opportunity to pull through a comb or brush. Beard feels good with moisture (good for growth, if not else). Do you want to get the beard hygiene, so the beard does not only look nice but also fresh, so you can make the brush / comb after the shower for a daily ritual. In the shower, water is enough to rinse through the beard properly, as long as you have not had food or anything else in the beard that does not go away with a quick shower. Then make sure you brush or comb it properly when it is still wet. After the treatment, we will chronologically proceed to the next tip on the list.

2. Consider the lotion

Lotion can help you soften your beard. Beard becomes light and dry, so it's important to keep it moist and well-being. An easy way to do that is to use lotion when you are combing or brushing the beard after the shower. This is not only good for how the beard is. It feels generally fresh and uplifting, making the daily ritual a bit more motivating.

3.  Feel at the edges

Are you the type who prefer to use the beard a little cautiously on your own? Then you want to pay attention. If you're sloppy and careless when you cut, trim and fix your facial hair, it's easy to take away too much. If you take too much away, you will soon discover how to compensate by answering the same page, and suddenly you're frustrated. Do not drop control. Take it easy, careful and sensible, by sticking to the edges.

4. Think about the whole

A classic mistake most of us whose beard has certainly made is that we choose to only use certain parts, shave off or simply cut off some parts of the facial hair for unjustified reasons. One acquaintance thought he felt a little slight facial hair higher up on the jaws - due to the fact that it felt uneven and bite-spotted - which led to his pleasure in saving beard where it grew a bit more generously. The result - even smoother facial hair. The disappointment of the results was so great that he chose to completely declare straight away the entire beard. You who have been there have been forced to remove the beard early (like when a partner complains that it "cleans" at times), know exactly how humiliating it may be to say goodbye to the beard far too early. I myself have made the same mistake. I thought the mustache was a little clumsy and was ashamed of the poor creation, so I chose to just save the beard. After a couple of months I did not look wise. It looked so prudent that I could only choose to save it, and look even duller in the meantime, or shave off and start over to get a more proportionate facial hair. Do not make mistakes to fix by details that way. Think instead of the whole.

5. A visit to the barber

It does not matter how diligent you are. You may be able to join the edges, take care of daily maintenance, and take care of your beard (at least if you follow Vincemann Stockholm). But sooner or later you will need help in shaving the beard. A big secret that only bearded men know is that beard care is not just about brushing / combing, lotion and beard oil. It's also about freezing - finding the right hairstyle for you personally. This is nothing to take for granted. Just because a beard fits your mate, it's not certain that the same haircut suits you. Same with the hair on the scalp, right? A skilled barber is responsive and can see what kind of beard is right for you. The beard is tailored to your face shape, which suits you simply. If you want a really nice, well-dressed beard, which is good and generally looks optimal, occasional visits to a local shaver are almost a must. A beard treatment is also stress-reducing. It's relaxed and relaxing, because you can concentrate on just taking it easy while you're getting pampered.



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