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5 classic style tips

5 classic style tips

Style is not about fashion, though elegant fashion may be the style of the time

Style is not about fashion, though elegant fashion may be the style of the time. There's nothing wrong with thinking about how to dress (even the guy), dress up or bring in a little extra when the situation vouches for it. But the clothes but style is like brushing your teeth without toothpaste. It works, but feels on the whole, not fresh.

Before you are looking to update your wardrobe with trendy trousers, suits and slippery fast shoes, it might be worth reviewing style? It is not nice to dress classically elegant about the lack of finesse. Subtlety is rarely klädesmärket. Subtlety may be small, interesting details, which neither you nor the company notice, but which contribute to the important big picture. In this article we will not focus on the mistakes, but the details and features that are important for the whole. Here are five classic style tips that many men easily forget.

1. Fix the basic wardrobe

Maybe you have an awesome set of shoes, tygbyxor and shirts? Do you have an awesome set of flexible variation that you can match in a stylish way, it's a good start. But a cruel basic wardrobe also needs to be stylish t-shirts, jeans and matching socks. A well thought-out basic wardrobe requires no further reflection, but because it complements and helps to create a more optimal outfit can not talk away the importance of it. Do yourself a favor - investing in neutral T-shirts in white, black, and gray. But even socks that fit different sets of shoes and pants. A good basic wardrobe, you can combine with the more generous clothing, but also a more casual outfit for important business meetings or quick after work with colleagues on a Friday night.

2. Take care of your skin

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article's style is not just about fashion or clothing. Style is all about the big picture, the overall impression you convey your clothes. But even mannerisms and body language affect how others perceive you. One detail that is easy to forget (especially if you are a man) is the complexion of the face. Most of us are careless with taking care of your skin. We are simply nonchalant and hardly think about it, that it would not be important. Many had felt good to moisturize your skin regularly. Whether your skin is dry or oily skin contributes cash to be back in first impressions. It's not the kind of impression you want to represent.

3. Tailor more elegant

Basic wardrobe is the foundation. But to stand out in a way that frames your trained tabernacle may be wise to invest in tailored garments. You do not need the most expensive, sharpest costume you can find. You can get far with a cheaper version that you buy home, bring to a tailor and be tailored to your proportions. A cheap costume that is customized is always better looking than the more exclusive costumes sitting like that - every day of the week. Do you already have a black suit? Consider a gray or blue.

4. Keep track of time

A gentleman will not be late. He is not deeply sunken eyes mobile. A wrist watch is not only a masculine accessory that shows class. It is a sure way to keep track of time - without seeming flippant or absent. You can of course invest in a neighboring Rolex or other showy constellations, but we're talking style and class, you can get far with a collection of less pretentious wristwatch. Imagine that the clock should not stick out too much. It will be a stylish detail. With timeless wristwatch that you can match with different styles of clothing appears to be less ostentatious. Moreover, it seems that you are humble. As you are so successful that you do not need to show it - at least not for the mild degree that it is galling.

5. Match the bag with the outfit

Another detail that many men easily miss to match the bag. A masculine bag needs to be sturdy and able to withstand wear and weather. It should also be practical, so it fits all possible contexts, with plenty of space. Though without taking up too much space, so you need to be ashamed. Plan purchases by purpose. What will you use the bag for? Should you be able to take it on business meetings, the gym or late nights out? Or you just need something for trips and tours? Splash you want to take with you from this article is simple: functionality, how practical bag is, is important. But equally important is the impression the bag conveys. It is also important that the bag match the clothes, jacket, pants and sweater or jacket. Do not make the mistake of just thinking about functionality. Consider also the case that can match any outfit - plus what kinds of activities fit.

A summary

Remember, style and class is not just about high-end clothing, sporting brands and exclusive watches. It's about the big picture and the details that make up the whole. A good basic wardrobe with matching shoes, accessories and jackets are always nicer than the flashy costumes that does not sit right. Though the matching garments fall flat if you just think about the clothes and not taking care of your skin. Take care of your skin by washing your face regularly, working away dead skin cells and use moisturizing creams for a fresh impression.

How neat suit is hanging more on the fit, if it fits your proportions and frames in your frame, than the price tag. Do you think that tens of thousands of crowns on an exclusive costume is the coolest team can feel confident that a more fastidious suit - you buy cheap, but sew up a tailor - many times can sit prettier. Use a clock accessory, but think about whether you can invest in a variety of wristwatch instead of a more exclusive watch that stand in the eyes. Add to that a practical, durable yet stylish bag and you have an outfit that is not only stylish and sharp in trendy terms, but also represents the timeless style and class.



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