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How do you get a more masculine face

How do you get a more masculine face

How do you get a more masculine face in 8 weeks

Male beauty is not just the biceps, six-pack and deffade muscles. Masculinity is more about what you do - how confident, energetic and capable you are - but the trained muscles, a strong back board and a face with clear käklinjer makes it even better. Here are our top tips for getting a more masculine face.

Face shape is a result of your genetic inheritance - which genes you have inherited from your parents and relatives - but how your face looks can also påverka.Kanske you can get a more masculine face than what you have today? You may not feel fully confident, for you have never given it a fair chance, but all men can make small simple changes in their lifestyle to define facial features. Cheekbones and facial shape is difficult to influence. What you can affect the impression is: how facial features appear by changing habits and rutiner.I this article we tell you how you can get a more masculine face. If you follow the tips and advice you find here, you can see results in as little as 8 weeks, maybe even faster if you are located in, and is accurate. The tips are practical, but realistic, and do this kind of thing, you'll soon notice the difference.

1. Lose weight, burn fat

If you have a lot of body fat, you have no masculine face. Your face is anyway not as masculine as it may be, since fat makes your face rounder and a face is rounder lacks clear masculine lines. So what can you do to get the facial features? Easy - to lose weight and burn fat.

You can not point to burn the fat in the face. Spot reduction is a myth. Just because you can train specific body parts with specialized strength training (you train a muscle group more often than other muscle groups will grow faster) it does not mean that you can choose how body fat is redistributed in the body. So to reduce the amount of body fat in the face, you need to lose weight and improve combustion. The fat in the face disappears with the fat on the rest of the body. Regular exercise is good for body composition. Strength training stimulates muscle growth and helps you retain muscle while you're dieting. But training is generally not an effective way to burn fat. To burn fat effectively, you need to think about what you eat - especially how much you. To make from you body fat you need to eat less energy (calories) than you get rid of. Calculate your energy needs (search on "calculate BMR" to find a free calculator), put you at a deficit, and continue as long as you see the results.

Meanwhile, it is wise to strength training a couple of days a week. Complete with fitness. Endurance is no need to lose weight, but it helps the recovery and get the circulation going. It also increases your mental performance and meditative works. Strength you exercising regularly for a few days a week, with easy fitness as a variation, creating a calorie deficit, you will lose weight. Over time, you'll notice how the fat in the face disappears, which helps to accentuate facial features - as the face look more masculine out.

2. Check the fluid and mineral balance

How much body fat you have is perhaps the single most important how the facial features appear. Another thing that also contribute, which may not be as obvious, the balance of fluid and minerals within the body. Do you eat a lot of carbohydrates bind very liquid (carbohydrate binding liquid). Having also much sodium (a kind of salt) binds to extra liquid. Are you training for muscle mass you do not want to cut down on carbohydrates completely. You need carbohydrates for recovery and performance in the gym. But you want to try to control how much liquid you put on yourself, because the liquid is just as body fat makes your face smoother. The less liquid you have on your face, the easier it is to highlight The jaw and cheekbones, for example.

How binds to less liquid? There are a few different things you can do that work in the short term, but what is most interesting is the long-term. Do not put in you which carbohydrates whatsoever, to any degree, and not at any time. Carbohydrates are something you make yourself worthy of, so the more deffad you are, the more carbohydrates you eat. Around workout at the gym, you can eat a little extra carbs.

In addition to fix diet with a deficit of calories, so you get rid of more calories than you consume, you also want to balance the intake of salts and minerals. You're getting a lot of sodium, you bind very fluid, but you do not want to exclude sodium completely because sodium is important for fluid balance. Salt is only negative if it upsets the balance. Do you eat too much sodium, you can either cut down on or balance with potassium - that sucks up the fluid in the muscle. Potassium can be found in potatoes, avocado and banana. It is also available as a dietary supplement. Too much potassium, however, is not healthy. It can interfere with the heart's rhythm. So try to find a fair balance in the diet where you get in you both potassium and sodium. Pull down on carbs if you must, but do you eat complex carbohydrates and concentrate a large part on the training, is a large cut just unnecessary.

3. Shave regularly

The fastest and easiest tip on this list are regular shaving. Shaving regularly can make you look more defined out. It is not just the face, but on the whole body. If you still have a lot of body fat and binds very liquid, because you eat a little too much carbohydrates and do not have eye on your minerals, so the difference is not dramatic - even if it is visible. When you have less facial hair as appearing facial features simply clearer. Want to get the most out of this tip, make sure to follow tips one and two.

A summary

You can define the face by losing weight, reduce body fat, bind less liquid (or at least strategically mobilize liquid) and shave regularly. Regular exercise does not have a big impact on your metabolism, but it contributes to body composition - how much fat you have in relation to the amount of muscle mass. The first tip in the order (weight loss) is probably the most rewarding in the long run, but if you want to do everything you can to get a more masculine face that is a combination probably far.

Last, but not least, a little reminder. How you look is just one factor that affects how masculine you appear. It is also - perhaps more importantly - how you act, the way you treat other people, but also how you handle adversity and do what is required when the wines of the knots. A fit body hut and a masculine face contributes to the overall impression: how you are perceived. But all this is after all just icing on the cake.



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