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7 things all men should have

7 things all men should have

7 things all men should have in the closet

Men's Fashion need not be classical, pretentious and forced. It needs to be minimalist, suitable and genuine masculine in a way that shows the authority. In this article you will get a check-list of seven things all men who take themselves seriously should have in the closet - at least if you want to show that you are a gentleman.

Know what you should have in your closet? If not, it is time to get started. What impression you give the outside world is not just about how well-trained muscle you have. It is also about what clothes you have, how the closet looks like, and what combination of clothes you mixes. Here is a list of 7 things you should have in your closet to create a strong, lasting image that makes you attractive.


The faithful old servant working trousers that became a cult object, still works. Jeans are timeless. The combination of jeans, Tisha and jacket's nice relaxed, but still neat enough to take you all the way into the parlor. Jeans may not always suit the office environment. However, at business meetings, at dinners, or laid-back evenings out, a nice pair of jeans fit well. Jeans has the great advantage that it highlights your fit for the body, but to create an artificial impression that is rigid. Match with advantage with T-shirt and jacket.


Well-fitting shirts are the staple. All men with a sense of self-respect should have a set of shirts that are secure. Shirts are a central part of the suit, but even if the suit is not your cup of tea, there are many situations where the shirt without tie frames in a disciplined willpower. Few things show the same attention to detail as a shirt with great fit.


Jackets are cultivating. In some cultures, the jacket almost mandatory, not least of all in the business context. But a stylish blazer suits not only business meeting. It suits festive everyday contexts. Even if you do not want to combine a jacket with flannel trousers - maybe you prefer jeans and jacket every day - so there may be many good reasons for investing in a jacket that matches the shirt. There is still nothing that breathes as much aplomb as a tailored blazer. You do not need to buy the most exclusive jacket for the right impression. Sometimes it can be more than enough with a cheaper version that you let stitched up at a tailor. The important thing is that you have a jacket in the closet that is sharp.


You do not need a scarf. You need a tie. It does not matter if you are a genuine bodybuilder, full-featured business man or a man on the go. All men with a dash of ambition should have a tie in the closet. The most important thing when it comes to the choice of tie is that it should feel good. You read that right. How it looks affect how you are perceived and it is important of course. But nevertheless important, perhaps even more important, is how it feels when it is proper to the triangle of the shirt. Want to appear as serious in the context where the first impression is important to you, then tie many times is a must.


Whether you want to be cozy at home, seem like nice relaxed at the club, or play down jacket, you want to have a set of solid color T-shirts. T-shirts provide a clean, minimalist appearance that is easy to remember. Especially if you combine the T-shirt with jeans, a jacket and a stylish bag.


There is a reason that shoes often described as the man's main garment. The correct jacket, perfectly fitting shirt and exclusive watch, is quickly thwarted unless you have shoes that match. It is not just to impress, even if it is sometimes important to be able to do it. It is about a pair of good shoes clearly signal who you are. Do you have an otherwise neat appearance, but walks around with greyish sneakers that have a lot to be desired, you are in the eyes of others is nothing more than a sloppy slacker. On the contrary, well-fitting shoes say a lot about who you are. What structure you prioritize.


Leg lining is underestimated. If you take your wardrobe in earnest, it is also, stockings, socks do not apply. It is best if the bone is not visible at all in any occasion - whether you are standing or sitting - possibly by the summer that exception, when it is so hot out there that you have shorts. The secret to getting a good combination of socks of colors, patterns and materials to match the shoes. The rule of thumb is that the socks should be as dark as the shoes. Good socks are not only stylish, final touch in all conceivable situations. Good socks should be comfortable and stylish, while the design fit the shoes.



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