Fashion>3 common mistakes and what to do

3 common mistakes and what to do

3 common mistakes and what to do

3 common mistakes and what to do

The shirt is an important part of the male wardrobe. Although the shirt historically has barely changed since the 60th century, there are still many men who do not know what to think about when it should be purchased a shirt that fits. In this article we'll look at three common mistakes, what to avoid when it comes to choosing a shirt matching tie and jacket - plus what to do instead.

Suitable shirt? As you might want to act fast and efficiently, because you have more important things to do than to stand and dividing of shirts in the test room. Do not make for the sake of the mistake of choosing the earliest. Choose the wrong shirt so the jacket becomes wrong. And the tie. And everything else that will frame your capable personality. These tips will give you a helping hand in skjortdjungeln.

1. Short arms

It may seem trivial, but the length of the arms of the shirt has great significance for how you are perceived. Maybe the shirt fits well when you try it the first time, but remember that it may take a few washes before the shirt a more permanent size. Buy rather a shirt with longer arms than you need by recall you that it will shrink after a few washes. Bear in mind that the shirt sleeve to cover the wrist, do not stop just above it. This applies not only with arms relaxed at your sides. If the screen is the correct length covering the wrist even if you bend or waving his arms.

2. To narrow collar

The shirt should suit jacket. If the shirt does not fit jacket inspires you untidy that can be difficult to chatter away. Skjortkragens design may vary with the trends that come and go, but no matter what's trendy, it is important that the collar is not too narrow. If the collar is too narrow visible tie at the neck. It you want to avoid if you want to be perceived seriously. The correct width of a shirt collar does not tie back of the neck. The correct width hides tie at the neck. If the head collar does not have the right width, you need to cut down jacket collar instead. It is a shameless compromise. Remember that the shirt should match the jacket. Since the symbiosis depends on the garments fit it may be wise to purchase a jacket while wearing a neat shirt which is firmly attached to a collar fitting.

3. Does not fit the tie

It is not just about his jacket and shirt. It's all about the jacket, shirt and tie. It is not enough to match the shirt jacket. The shirt must also match the tie. How will the shirt suit tie? Shirt collar needs to be cut in a way that the knot of the tie is in the upper part of the triangle. Then tie the knot fills the surface at the top. This may also be due to tie the knot, how to tie his tie, but many times it is because the shirt collar. The rule of thumb is that the tie should sit exactly between the collars, the center of the triangle. Do not try to save something that is not going to save. Redo, right from the beginning. Buy instead of a shirt that has a collar that is cut in a way that makes the tie knot is right.

The shirt is important for the impression you submit, because it is a central part of the first things people notice. If the tie sticks out the back of the neck, the arms are too short, the shirt appears as narrow or tie does not fill angle, the impression is almost impossible to save. Save the impression by finding a shirt sitting right, with arms that end at the wrist, a collar that is not covered by the suit or release until the tie in the back, so tie the knot can sit exactly right between the collars - no matter if you've buttoned all the buttons.

Finding a good fitting shirt is all about detail. Have the kragpinnar? How many stitches you can find at the seams? Shirt will keep a long time? How many wake you will find at the cuff? You do not know everything and understand everything about the shirts to find one that fits, but the better control you have on individual factors affecting fit the sharper impression.



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