The Leather

Our leather - our pride

The leather used in our products is our pride. We only use high quality material and focuse on the natural resources that exist in our environment. Therefore, we use a Vegetable-rich leather that is gentle to nature which involves a long process but the results are well worth it.

We also believe that the craft gives that genuine and authentic feel to our products. As each piece of leather is hand-selected and where the fingertips control the end result and details, then you're assured as a customer with a product that is strong, durable and unique. With proper care, your product will last for many years. Leather is a durable natural material which over time forms a beautiful patina on it´s surface.

How do I care for my leather products?
Below are some tips on how your product should be handled in the best way:

• Preferably allow the product to stand in the dark at room temperature when not in use. Sunlight will eventually make the leather darker.
• A little rain does nothing but try to avoid heavy rain. A wet product should always be allowed to dry naturally at room temperature. Try not to dry the product with high heat then the product might loose its original shape.
• Dirt is removed as soon as possible with a dry cloth or sponge. Do not rub too hard or just right on the spot then an uneven surface might occur.
• Should the product become dry, use leather oil or leather conditioner on the affected area. Try, however, on a non-visible area first if you are unsure of the outcome.
• Vegetable tanned leather is more susceptible to rain and moisture, you usually have to maintain it a little more often than other leather. It is also this that makes it age so beautifully.
• Leather is a living material. Therefore, you should not pack your bags too much, that expands the leather and can cause deformation over time.

When storing your bag
Please fill the bag with tissue paper so that it retains its shape in the best possible way. A bag that is stored without support is more liable to form creases. Use a dust bag around to protect the bag from dust and dirt. Allow bag to stand dark in normal room temperature.

Gradually, as a leather product is used, oil, sweat, dirt and various types of chemicals, and much more from human skin slowly break down the leather and cause it to become discolored, dry out and eventually crack. These damages can be seen on most leather products where the human hand has bin in contact with the leather. Caring for leather product is important, use protective cream / impregnating that settles as a protective finish on the leather and helps to resist staining from water and oil-based fluids, significantly reducing the risk of damages of the types mentioned above.

A few questions to our artisans

How do you choose the leather?

The leather is selected for the type of product to be manufactured. For laptop sleeve it´s good with a hard, protective leather which is durable and resists shock, while the bags are better with a softer and more pliable leather. When it comes to leather look, we work a lot with leather that has a natural patina, which is what we like most of the leather.

What does the manufacturing process look like?

This differs from product to product, but in short it works like this:

• First a sketch of the product is developed at the paper of our design department.

• Templates of all parts of the product are manufactured in cardboard to be recycled in the future.

• The templates are laid out on the leather, then all parts are cut by hand based on the templates.

• All edges of the leather that will be visible is processed with a warm iron edge that makes the edges hairless. Then a border color of the desired shade is applied to the edges. 2-4 layers are applied depending on the type of leather.

• Any locks, D-rings and buckles are attached.

• Lining leather / fabric is glued on the inside of the outer leather.

• All is sewn together with the sewing machine by a craftsman. On the parts that endure a lot of wear seems are terminated entirely by hand around the edge of the leather to get a more durable product.


Some of our products may have small marks in the skin. These are natural from the time when the animal was alive, and because the color is inside the leather fiber it illuminates its genuine structure. This certifies although the leather's authenticity and tells the story of a life lived. Each leather product from the series "Hand Made in Sweden" is unique in itself. Only the best hides are used for leather in our Handmade in Sweden series. Other hides with even more brands goes through a so-called cover stain on, thats a coat of paint that settles on top of the leather to hide the natural brands. This means, however, that the leather does not age as nicely as the hides we use for the Handmade in Sweden series.

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